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Thee Hadd fent tewars hof Capt. Tortuga and Betty thee Pink

Pyrate Speake
Thee imp ett chewuous Capt. Tortuga is rhea nown frew oute thee wetse turn world has thee scourge off thee Softh Chine ar Sees, thee curse hoff thee Aray bian Peniusla, the tear roar offe thee Span hish Mayne an thee bayne off thee Barr barry Koast. Wiv thee bu tif full cum pany onne Betty the Pink ass sup porte in theer manye grande add fent tours. Thay am mast a grate manie crewe, suche arse VeeBeez, Pyrate Sabsy, Desertal and Cincol to name a few, whoo fall lowed there manye ex kucshions n add fent tewers Geocaching. Tis bee a koll ektshion of extracto logges frum wytch thee Capt. has kull hated threw thee mistes off tyme an sum hin spir hay shion off logges frum ay vall youed Furst Mayte VeeBeez…..Enn joye.

English Translation
The impetuous Capt. Tortuga is renown throughout the western world as the scourge of the South China Seas, the curse of the Arabian Peninsula, the terror of the Spanish Main and the bane of the Barbary Coast. With the beautiful companion Betty the Pink as support in their many grand adventures. They a mass a great crew, such as VeeBeez, Pyrate Sabsy, Desertal and Cincol to name a few, who followed their many excursions and adventures Geocaching. This is a collection of extracted logs from which the Capt. has collated through the mists of time and some inspiration of logs from a valued first Mate VeeBeez…..Enjoy.

Capt. Tortuga's Logge Booke

Logge Booke

The Author decided to write the Geocaching logs in what he calls ‘Pyrate (Pirate) speak’ and then continued this style for this book. Pyrate speak is the written form of words that are spoken by a Pirate. The origins are West Country English dialect as spoken by Robert Newton in Treasure Island (1950). In the second edition of the book the author translated the Pyrate speak back into English, and it now appears below the Pyrate speak text, this is to help the reader understand what the author has transcribed. The Author has also used some poetic license by embellishing the original logs.

1st Edition – Nov 2016
Geocaching logs in Pyrate speak.
Book available in B&W only, from November 2016
Kindle in B&W version only

2nd Edition – Oct 2017
Geocaching logs in Pyrate speak and English Translation added.
Book available in Full Colour and B&W from October 2017
Kindle in Colour version only

3rd Edition – TBA 2019
Geocaching logs in Pyrate speak and English Translation additionally a Living Diary from November 2017.
Book available in Full Colour only.
Kindle in Colour version only

All Copyrights remain with the original author.

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