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In Memoriam

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Jayne Marie Thorpe-Willett (nee Leonard)
16th February 1965 - 15th February 1997 (31yrs)

Funeral Notice         Ian & Jayne

Ian Thorpe-Willett
13th November 1964 - 2nd March 1997 (32yrs)

Funeral Notice         Ian & Jayne

Head Stone Jason

Marjorie Thorpe-Willett (nee Appelquist / Dixon)
11th October 1935 - 9th August 1997 (61yrs)

Funeral Notice         Mam

George Eric Thorpe-Willett
28th January 1928 - 10th December 2014 (86yrs)

Funeral Notice         Dad

Head Stone

Elaine Hodgson (nee Johns )
30th March 1959 - 13th October 2015 (56yrs)

Head Stone

Christopher 'Dyke' Baines
17th September 1979 - 7th February 2017 (37yrs)

Chris         Chris

Head Stone

Teesside Evening Gazette

Teesside Evening Gazette

Teesside Evening Gazette

James Hodgson
23rd March 1936 - 9th February 2018 (82yrs)

Funeral Notice         In Memoriam 2019

4th April 2009 - 2019 (10yrs)

Jess Jess at 4yrs

Geof (Geoffrey) Thorpe-Willett
30th July 1962 - 4th August 2022 (60yrs)

On Line Memoriam Page

Cremation Notice


Taco Bell
10th April 2008 - 28th August 2023 (15yrs)

Taco Bell Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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