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My Favourite Sci-fi & Fantasy Fiction links page

Just dig those striped tights and laced shirt !

Friends Website Links

  • Shards LARP Website (Live Action Role-PLay) - Where I do most of my Swashbuckling these days

  • The-Artworks Homepage for contributing some photo's and artwork on this website.

  • The Bladelands Chronicles

    Medieval Links

  • Call to Arms Website

  • Del Tin Armouries - makers of fine swords, for use in Re-enactment

  • George Silvers paradoxes of Defence - text & pics taken straight from his 1599 Book

  • Grey Company (The) - an Australian Re-enactment Group

  • Medieval Sword Resource page

  • Ring of Steel Homepage (The)

  • Swords-n-stuff

  • Valentines Armouries - historical index

  • GURP Swashbucklers - Role Playing Game

    Link Swaps

  • The Flashing Blade on the Little Gems Website (Excellent)

  • Emilio Salgari, an Italian action adventure writer

  • Michael Gothard Tribute Site

  • Swashbuckling Press, Pirates ~ Musketeers ~ Knights ~ Fantasy ~ & More! This is the only way History Should be told!

  • Swashbuckling writings from author Ted Anthony Roberts

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