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Dedicated to all those Reenactment Groups

Re-enactment Groups in Redcar & local area 1972 - 2007 Dark Age Formed 1972 | |--------------------------| Dark Age Mummers Knights Templarís 1978 - 1983- | | | | |------------------------------------------| | Knights in Combat Dragons Eye Avalon Crimdon Sword 1983- 1985-93 | & Shield | | | | Knights of the Falchion | | Sasís Group c1995 | |---------------| | Anmod Dracon Balhag Steel Bonnets Rosa Mundi Aug 1993- Aug 1993-2001/2 1994? Renamed 1989? | | | | |--------------------------------------| | Blue Moon Mummers Midguard Marauders | Vikings of 1994-98 1998- | Northumbria | Best of Tim, Shards From another group Worst of Tim 1999-2007 | 2004- | Hartlepool Royal Marines Ascendancy 2007- | Monks of Satan 2004- Dark Age Mummers- joined May 1979 Left February 1981 Knights Templarís- joined 31st October 1984 Left March 1985 Dragonís Eye- Formed 21st March 1985 with Julie Hadlett Christine Pickett Keith Pickett Annemarie Hopper John Watson Edwin Ollis Last appearance May 1992 Balhag- Formed August 1993 Left April/May 1995 Blue Moon Mummers- Formed November 1994 Last appeared at the Gathering Aug 1998 Shards First appeared at Wilderhope Manor March 2000 The name changed in Summer 2007 Ascendancy Summer 2007 onwards Dark Age Mummers- Performed at Whitby, Durham & Cambridge Folk Festivals along with other events throughout Britain Knights Templarís- Winter practise only Dragonís Eye- Performed at many British Steel Galas, Sedgefield Mediaeval Fairs & even as part of Ďwarm upí show at a Celtic v Rangers match in Glasgow Balhag- Continued the tradition of displays at Hardraw Falls along with events at Museum & Cleveland Show Steel Bonnets Did events for English Heritage at Carlise & Aydon Castles and also Hexham Old Gaol Blue Moon Mummers- Formed to perform Hartlepool Historic Quay, the group appeared at Redcar & Whitby Folk Festivals, Doctor Who Conventions (once with Sylvester McCoy), Oakleaf Circle & Silver Branch Pagan Camps and the Gathering Shards had a series of events at Wilderhope Manor, Caddihoe, & Candleston & Shining Cliff Camps and more recently at the Danlaw village at Murton Park Museum Ascendancy Still continues to produce exciting events at Candleston, Shinning Cliff and the Danelaw village at Murton

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