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Season 1 Episode Guide


Robin Hood and the Sorcerer

Tx Date: 28th April 1984


Written by Richard Carpenter


Anthony Valentine plays Simon De Belleme whose intent is to gain Herne's Silver Arrow and to sacrifice Marion to his 'God', Azeal. Meanwhile the sheriff and his brother are only interested in Marion's lands. Robin meets Herne and is given 'Albion'. An archery contest is held by the Sheriff to trap Robin, but it goes dreadfully wrong when Robin splits the arrow and claims his prize, Herne's Arrow. Belleme sets a trap for Robin with the help of the De Rainault brothers, using Marion as the bait. Robin tries a rescue and kills belleme with Herne's Arrow. The flaming arrow 'loosed' into Darkmere, was used for the first time in the series. This is to show respect for their colleagues, Tom and Dickon, who died in the Castle Belleme massacre. One thing I'd like to know, where did all those men come from ?, in the fight at the Castle Belleme, I can count at least twenty, when Robin only had six men. Robin and Marion are married, in a glade deep in Sherwood, by Herne the Hunter and as the camera pans to the top of the forest canopy, Clannad's 'Hooded Man' theme starts playing.



The Witch of Elsdon

Tx Date: 5th May 1984


Written by Richard Carpenter


Robin has a dream and takes the Merry Men on a goose chase. They meet a carter on the road through Sherwood. When Robin asks the carter his name, he replies "James", Robin says, intriguingly "Is it!", he proceeds to the back of the cart, draws his sword and cuts open the sacks of grain, and money falls out with the grain. Little John asks how he Knew, and Robin replies a little bird told me, Much then chirps in with, "Was it a Robin ?". Meanwhile in the village of Elsdon a Witch trail is going on. Jennet (Angard Rees) and her husband, Thomas, are accused of being witches and Jennet, of trying to Bewitch Gisburne, to which the Sheriff later replies to Gisburne, "If she'd tried to bewitch me, I'd be inclined to let her". The Sheriff is annoyed with Gregory, alias James the Carter, for losing the Tax money and hits upon an idea to ferret out the outlaws. The Sheriff makes a deal with Jennet, to save her life and her husbands. She is chased into Sherwood by Gisburne and is rescued by Will and Much. Jennet manages to poison the wine for the blessing and while the Merries are out robbing and Marion's gone for a walk. Herne warns Marion and she sees the Merry men falling about. Meanwhile Jennet reports back to the Sheriff and shows Gisburne where they are. A suprise awaits Gisburne and his soldiers. A fight ensues and Gisburne is put on a 'ducking' plank. When Robin finds out the truth from Jennet he sets out to Nottingham to bargain with the Sheriff. When he enters the courtyard, the Sheriff thinks Gisburne has returned, but when he turns round he sees Robin Hood. He fights the Sheriff and wins, he then demands that Thomas is set free in exchange for his life and Gisburnes. Robin believes that the Sheriff not rest and will hunt him down till one of them is dead.



Seven Poor Knights form Acre

Tx Date: 12th May 1984


Written by Richard Carpenter


Seven Knights wonder into Sherwood on their way to a meeting at Lincoln, only to have their sacred Golden Banner Head stolen by a One-Eyed Cut Purse from Nottingham, called Siward. Meanwhile somewhere in Sherwood the Merry Men are having an archery contest only to be disturbed by Siward closely follwed by the Seven Knights, who are pursuing their Banner Head. The 'Merries' are chased and after a small engagement, James is killed and Much is captured and taken to a small village. Whilst on the Annual Tour of the County the Sheriff comes across the the Knights. After realising the Knights plight the Sheriff bids them good day, knowing that they will hunt out the Outlaws. Guy makes a fool of himself (as usual) and nearly gets killed in the process. After a rescue attempt on Much fails, the leader of the knights, Reynald De Villaret, puts Robin on trial, Trial by Combat. During the combat Robin escapes back to the wood and tells the 'Merries' what De Villaret said about stealing something scared from them. Seward immediately comes to mind, and De Villaret gives Robin until dawn or they will hang Much. Back in Nottingham Siward is captured for stealing, he is taken

to the Sheriff and they find the 'Symbol of the Templers', the golden Banner Head. The Sheriff is well pleased, and keeps the Banner Head as a souvenir of an unsavoury encounter. The 'Merries' track Siward down to Nottingham only to find that he has been locked away in the 'cells'. The 'merries' discover

that the Sheriff is at Leaford Grange, and set about a rescue on Siward and the Banner head. Robin returns the Banner Head and Much is set free, Robin demands his sword back but is refused. The knights intention is to have some sport and try to run Robin and Much down. Robin and Much run in to the forest

where the 'Merries' have set a trap for them. With only two knights left, Robin disarms and disrobes them and then puts them on one horse. But before they go they watch their golden Banner Head melted down for Taxes.


Tx Date: 19th May 1984


Written by Richard Carpenter


Little John goes fishing in the village of Wickham, only to the distress of the villages when Gisburne sees him. John returns and Robin isn't happy because it's the people of Wickham who will suffer. The 'Merries' are having a staff fight on a log when they here a distressing sound among the trees. They investigate and come across Alan-A-Dale a minstrel. He tells them he is off to Nottingham to kill the Sheriff with his trusty sword. He tells them that the Sheriff is to marry Mildred De Bracey. Meanwhile the Sheriff fines 100 pence for every man in Wickham because of Little Johns indulgencies. Alan Tells the 'Merries' his story of being in love with Mildred, the dowry is mentioned and they decide to help Alan. The 'Merries' lay in a wait for Mildred and the dowry. The 'Merries' tell Gisburne to leave the girl and the wagon and to ride to Nottingham. Gisburne decides to fight. Gisburne escapes with the girl and Robin follows. They both land on a very muddy bank and slog it out. The Sheriff comes to the rescue and Robin manages to escape. The chests are opened and they find clothes, Alan mutters in his monotonous melodic tones. They plan to rescue Mildred, by posing as monks who are to marry the Sheriff. Meanwhile back at the castle wedding preparations are underway. Gisburne organises the troops to cheer after the ceremony is over, the first attempt is a miserable groan and the second is a stupendous roar, only because the Sheriff is seen to be watching. The wedding ceremony is underway and Mildred recognises the young priest as Alan and wonders what is happening. Alan bumbles his way through the ceremony un-repent by the Sheriffs brash rudeness. A solider says he's seen the outlaws in the castle and Guy and his men go running. Meanwhile the dowry is loaded on to the wagon; Alan and Mildred hug and kiss each other. Gisburne realises something’s wrong and rushes back to the Hall, only to find a swam of bees in their path. The real wedding takes place in Sherwood. The dowry chests are opened only to find stones, Mildred gives the outlaws a golden necklace, to pay the villagers fine.



Kings Fool

Tx Date: 26th May 1984


Written by Richard Carpenter


A Knight wonders into Sherwood and is attacked by outlaws, but Robin Hood comes to the rescue. The knight is invited back for a meal as a guest. The 'Merries' play games and the knight comments on the 'Games of Sherwood'. Robin tells the knight it's time to pay for his meal, the knight is outraged and says he has no money. Will mentions the horse, the knight says how about a contest, winner keeps the horse, and Little John takes up the challenge and wrestles with the knight for the prize. The knight wins and shouts "I ride to Nottingham" Robin asks who he is, to which the knight punches him and says "Lion Heart". Everyone kneels and soldiers surround them. Robin and the 'Merries' are pardoned, Will doesn't trust him and stays in the forest while the rest go to Nottingham. The'Merries' feast well in the Sheriffs' dinning hall. Robin's becomes dazzled by the king and agrees to fight in Normandy, meanwhile in Sherwood Herne appears to Will and sends a message on an arrow. In the Great Hall Lords, Earls and knights are acknowledging their allegiance to the king. Robin is asked to put an archery shoot in hall and his bowstring snaps during it, Marian says, "That was an omen" to which Robin replies "Don't be silly the bow string snapped". Nasir is seen leaving the gate at Nottingham by Little John and goes to confront Robin. Little John and Martin leave and bump into Much. Much gives Robin the arrow. Robin goes to see the king and is sent packing. The Sheriff buys back his office and the king wants Robin dead. The Sheriff sends to Guy to kill them, Marian shoots Guy in the back with a crossbow and Robin takes out the rest of the soldiers while the barn burns. They get on horses to go from the castle and

Gisburne shoots a crossbow. Robin takes them to Rhiannons wheel where they discover Marian has been shot. Robin calls upon Herne to help and he tells Robin to remove the arrow. The other 'Merries', Will, John, Nazir and Martin are seen walking towards Rhiannons wheel, where Robin greets them. Marian awakes and is fully healed.

Robin and Marian hug and kiss each other.


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