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Season 2 Episode Guide


The Prophecy

TX Date: 9th March 1985

50 mins

Written by Richard Carpenter


Herne has a vision and babbles some words to Robin "To the devil.... the Lion.... soft sword.... a prisoner from the dead.... close to you". Little John is held prisoner by Gisburne, another prisoner is thrown into the dungeons with him, called Mark. Robin plans to rescue John. De Leon (John Nettles) arrives at

Nottingham and tells Gisburne that Prince John (Philip Davis) is to arrive the next day. Gisburne uses the prisoners to fetch stones from the quarry, to begin work on the crumbling walls of the castle. Robin saves Little John and Mark. Prince John is furious because the prisoners have escaped and puts Gisburne in the dungeons; Gisburne is dragged away screaming that he has something to tell him. Prince John orders De Leon to be acting sheriff. The Abbot Hugo is summoned and promptly attends, Prince John shows him the prisoner, 'Richard Of Leaford', (George Baker). Robin is intrigued when John tells him about the "Hooded" prisoner being escorted to the castle. Mark suggests that he can lead Gisburne to the outlaws, giving them a chance to "storm" the castle and save the prisoner. But Mark in incarcerated with Gisburne in the Dungeons. Abbot Hugo leaves the castle to return to the Abbey but is waylaid by Robin Hood. Hugo lets slip that Gisburne is in the dungeons. Robin asks Hugo about Prince John's prisoner, reluctantly; very reluctantly he reveals that it is Marion's father, Richard Of Leaford. Robin dresses up as one of Hugo's guards and is able to enter into the castle, De Leon tells Prince John that one of Hugo's guards has returned and that Hugo has been taken prisoner by Robin Hood, who promptly sends De Leon out to capture the outlaws. Robin is taken to the monks to heel his wounds. After the guards have left Robin rescues 'Richard', meanwhile the Merry Men are scaling the wall using scaffolding that has been used to repair the walls, and saves Mark. Back in the forest, Marion is reunited with her father,

Scarlet is wounded from a crossbow bolt and has his wounds tended to in the forest. Prince John is bloody furious about losing his prisoner and says "where is Little John? With Robin Hood, where is Abbot Hugo? With Robin Hood.... with Robin Hood.... with Robin Hood". Gisburne is given one last chance and tells of

his plan to kill John's prisoner and blames it all on poor De Leon, who is promptly put in prison. Richard has to go to France to tell King Richard of John's treachery. John, Much, Scarlet and Tuck stay behind to guard Hugo, to which Hugo blurts out about Marks identity, by saying that he once worked for him. Much is sent to warn Robin and as Much is seen riding into the distance, Clannads 'strange land' music is heard. Marion says farewell to her father as he boards his boat to France with 'Mark'. Much gets there just in time. Mark lunges for Richard with a knife and Robin manages to pull Mark from the boat, where a fight ensues. Mark is taken prisoner and Richard sails to France.

A runner enters the castle with a message from Normandy. John is grieved about the news of his brother Richard's death, by an arrow. Guisburne reacts to the news by hailing "God save King John". Herne appears and says, "The Lion is dead and the Prophecy is fulfilled".



The Children of Israel

TX date: 16th March 1985

50 mins

Written by Richard Carpenter


A family of Jews prepare for the Sabbath while Gisburne watches on. Meanwhile the outlaws lie in wait for the Sheriff who is transporting taxes. John, Nasir and Tuck decide not to send a signal to Robin for assistance when they spot the Sheriff and his wagon. Tuck is injured in the battle and they all manage to escape back to the forest, where an angry Robin meets them. Robin and Will haven't been seeing eye to eye lately and Will's been questioning Robin's leadership. The Sheriff arrives back at the castle furious at Gisburne not meeting him. De Talmont, a Jew asks the Sheriff for his money that was loaned to him. The Sheriff is not happy with De Talmont and tells Gisburne, about the time at King Richards Coronation when the people killed lots of Jews and then a year later in York, it was all put down to Crusading mania. The

Sheriff proposes that the same thing will happen in Nottingham. De Talmont ensures Sarah that the Sheriff will pay his debt even if he squirms and wriggles. The Merries return to Sherwood Forest with Tuck, Robin is not happy and accuses Will of instigating the attack; Will walks off into the Forest. Robin goes to Herne, who reassures Robin that he must aim his arrow again, for no purpose or to no end but that it is enough to aim. Sarah is given a message to leave Nottingham, De Talmont knows that the danger is real and leaves for Lincoln. The streets of Nottingham are awash with people rioting and killing Jews. The Captain of the Guard finds the note in De Talmont's house. Robin and the Merries go in search of Will. Gisburne tells the Sheriff that De Talmont is dead. Will finds some Jews in the forest and steals their money, and if they didn't think they had had enough bad luck, Gisburne takes Sarah for his wife and leaves the children with De Talmont. De Talmont runs after Gisburne and collapses on the track. Robin and the Merries enter the scene and find some children under a log pile and they learn about Gisburne and their father, De Talmont. Robin and Nasir go after Gisburne and meet Will on the way, who tells them about seeing Gisburne in the Forest. They head Gisburne off and rescue Sarah, at which point, Will looks slightly embarrassed and hands the money over to Sarah. Stating to Robin that he's been wrong before and reaffirms Robin's leadership. Meanwhile the Sheriff is in hot pursuit of Gisburne and captures the Outlaws, De Talmont, and the children instead. The Sheriff searches De Talmont's baggage and finds the sacred book, to which De Talmont warns him not to look in it. The Sheriff ignores his advice and opens the book. The Sheriff starts to hallucinate and while his men are watching, the Outlaws and Robin attack the soldiers. Robin kneels before the muttering Sheriff and hits him across the ace. The Sheriff comes to his senses. They are tried and accused by Sarah who wants an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, De Talmont steps in and says that the sweetest thing anyone can do is forgive. Much picks up the book and asks De Talmont what the Sheriff saw, to which he replies "his own wickedness".



Lord of the Trees

Tx Date: 23rd March 1985

50 Mins

Written by Richard Carpenter


It's the time of the blessing and the Villagers of Wickham and the Merries are gathering in the forest. Meanwhile at the castle Abbot Hugo is incensed by

Gisburne sentencing one of his men. Guy 'The Gamekeeper' listens to a report by one of his men, telling him about the sudden increase of poaching and that it always happens at this time of the year on the account of the 'Blessing' and that no blood can be split. Hugo knows about it and Gisburne as never heard of it, and is warned by Hugo not to go into the forest at night. In a tavern somewhere in Nottinghamshire a group of mercenary's wreak havoc. A boy from the tavern is summoned to get Robin. Back at the castle Gisburne waits for the arrival of his old friend, Bertrand De Nivelle (Oliver Tobias). Gisburneís mercenary friends do not impress Hugo. Gisburne tells Hugo that he intends to use Bertrand to kill Robin and the Merries. Celebrations start in the forest, singing, dancing and feasting. Herne appears at a gathering in the forest at the start of the blessing. Children bring food to Herne. The Merries are met by a boy who tells them about the Merc's, Clannad's 'Scarlet' Theme plays in the background and Scarlet is frustrated when Robin tells him they can't follow, because the men are mounted. Robin promises that they will get them. Gisburne goes to Wickham with Bertrand and his men to look for venison, they make a mockery of Herne's tree and Gisburne tries to hack it down with an axe. Gisburne goes to see Abbot Hugo about the villagers worshipping paganism and witchcraft. Hugo says as long as they go to church, the children get baptised he's not bothered what else they got up to. Hugo warns Gisburne not to meddle, as the old Gods may not be dead as he thinks. Gisburne scorns at the warning and leaves. The Merries catch up into the Merc's and try to lure them into a bloodless trap, because weapons cannot be used on account of the blessing, so they plan to use a net. Gisburne uses his brain for once and realises that they are about to be ambushed so they don't follow Gisburne goes to the village for some food and drink and when they are eating some 'Mummers' come to the village and perform a play about St George. The Merries attack the Merc's, (the 'Mummers' are really the Merries in disguise), what a shock! With the Merc's tied up, the Villagers and the Merries go into the forest for the final blessing. The Merc's manage to escape and follow them into a clearing where Herne appears. Bertran shoots Herne with a crossbow. A fight takes place and Herne leaves to go into the forest, Gisburne follows. Herne meets Robin, and Gisburne is left to his own devices, with the trees and the spirit of the forest. A rather cut, bruised and battered Gisburne goes to the Abbey for sanctuary. Hugo has no sympathy. The Merc's leave the shire but visit the tavern before they go. A "hooded man" sits at a table and they tease and poke fun at him. Unmasked, Robin Hood attacks them and the rest of the Merries come rushing in. Bertrand escapes from the tavern and Robin follows, they fight and Bertrand falls, he offers his sword to Marion and pulls her towards him. Captured, Bertrand takes Marion as a keepsake. Mounted they ride off. Robin takes his bow and kills Bertrand, the rest of the surviving Merc's are taken to the village where Robin tells them never to return to Sherwood, and if they do, then by Herne the Hunter they will be buried there. Edward and Robin say farewell and the Merries are seen crossing the bridge over the river. What's this Tuck gets a peck on the cheek by one of the village women, shameful.



The Enchantment

Tx Date: 30th March 1985

50 Mins

Written by Richard Carpenter


Lilith (Gemma Craven), a servant of De Belleme (Anthony Valentine), is seen and heard preparing a spell and binds together two effigies one of herself and the other Robin Hood. The Merries are playing a game in the forest, John seems to be getting the hard end of a joke, when Robin seems to be overpowered or even possessed and runs into the forest where he meets Lilith.  Marion runs after him but eventually loses him.  Robin is lead to a hut in the forest and when he enters inside he beholds a palace of jewels and white linen drapes.  Lilith enters and she looks like an eastern princess to Robin.

The Sheriff is talking to Gisburne and Ralph about De Belleme's fortune.  Ralph suggests that the jewels will be cursed; the Sheriff suggests that the jewels can be blessed one by one by the Abbot Hugo.  Gisburne shows a pang of jealousy towards Ralph, so he goes to the dungeons to torture one of Belleme 's witches. Marion is concerned about Robin and Nasir starts to track him.  Meanwhile Lilith is curling Robin around her little finger and asks Robin to fetch Hernes silver arrow to prove his love for her.  The Merries find Robin but he runs away from them, Will catches up but ends up getting a bloody nose from Robin's elbow.  John tackles him and holds him to the floor, Robin snarls and growls and Marion decides that he is bewitched.  Robin is tied up and Marion suggests they must take him to Herne. Much goes to talk to Robin, but all he replies is that if he is not released he will die.  Much unties Robin who then leaps to his feet and runs into the forest and the rest of the Merries realise they are back to square one. The Sheriff isn't happy with Gisburne torturing one of his prisoners in a bid to find out where the jewels are hidden.  The Sheriff reads the cursing and mumbling that had been written down during the torture and cannot make any sense of it. Ralph takes the parchment and works out the whereabouts of the treasure " the eye of Satan".  The Sheriff is pleased with Ralph but Gisburnes's jealousy increases. 

Robin sees Marion on Darkmere meeting with Herne and seizes his chance to steal the arrow.  Hernes tells Marion that the Hooded Man is hidden from him and gives her a flask.  Robin returns to Lilith with the arrow and they go to Castle De Belleme where Robin is made to uncover De Belleme's tomb.  Lilith prepares a spell and lays the arrow on Bellemes chest, his hand moves and Belleme rises from the dead.  Belleme instructs Lilith to kill Robin in the forest at the stroke of twelve and return with his heart.  Meanwhile Gisburne is lowering Ralph on a rope to enable him to reach the jewels.  When the jewels are passed to Gisburne the rope is cut and Ralph falls to his death on the rocks below.  Gisburne is pleased with himself and decides he no longer needs to serve the Sheriff with his new found wealth, but on his way back through the castle he is confronted by Belleme who demands the return of his treasure.  Not being foolhardy Gisburne puts them on the floor and is commanded to bring the Sheriff.  De Rainault discounts what Gisburnes says but goes to Castle Belleme to satisfy his whim. Meanwhile back in the forest Edward of Wickham meets the Merries and tells them he has seen Robin, he takes them to the hut in the forest.  They burst in and find Robin and Lilith, Marion throws the potion into Robin's face and the enchantment is dispelled and Lilith escapes. Robin realizes what he has done and tells the Merries that they must recover Herne's arrow, so it's back to Castle De Belleme. De Rainault meets with Belleme and is mortified.  The Merries attack the soldiers that were with the Sheriff. Belleme senses that Robin is close and conjures up a 'hurricane' to isolate Robin from the rest of the fray. Robin goes to attack Belleme but is eventually thrown to the ground.  Upon rising Robin sees Belleme holding Herne's arrow between his hands and it is suddenly propelled towards Robin.  He stands motionless unable to move as the arrow speeds towards him.  Herne appears and catches the arrow just before it hits it's target. Belleme disappears from view and Robin goes in search of the Merries.  On leaving the castle Robin takes one last look back and Belleme says, "Did you really believe you could overthrow me?"



The Swords Of Wayland

Tx Date: 6th April 1985

100 Mins

Written By Richard Carpenter


A blood red sky, Demons riding, a quite village terrorised by the Hounds Of Lucifer. The hounds have been sent out by Morgwyn (Rula Lenska) to recover the Seven Swords of Wayland. A man enters the forest looking for Robin Hood, Marion recognises him as Gareth Of Leaford, a Steward to her father. He asks for help and tells them about the Hounds Of Lucifer terrorising the village of Ufcombe. The Merries agree to go, Robin meets Herne on the way and gives him a warning about the 'Evil one' and about the prophecy of the seventh sword which will be found at the village on the rock (Ufcombe), and to swear to guard it with your life. Morgwyn places Orias the sixth sword on the couldren. 

The Merries meet Adam the Miller, and he is not altogether friendly and warns them that they can't fight demons. The Merries reach the village and find them all hiding. Robin tries to convince them that they are only men and not demons. Marion says some fine words, and the villagers are taken into their confidence. Verdelet, Morgywns number one, visits Adam, he tells him that the Hounds will ride tonight, and Adam mentions that there are outlaws in Ufcombe. Meanwhile the Merries are preparing the villagers for the Hounds. The Hounds 'fly' into the village and a fight takes place, only one of the Hounds escape and the rest are dead. Morgwyn is not pleased with Verdelet, at not reporting the outlaws in the village of Ufcombe. Morgwyn writes to the Earl of Godwin about the outlaws in the village and begs him to send soldiers to rid them. In the village they discover that one of the Hounds was the son of a villager. They also discover that they all have packages around their neck, concealing a pact with the devil..... Satan..... or the 'Evil one'. They also discover flour on their clothing, Robin goes alone to see if Adam is all right, but Much follows. Robin goes to the mill only to find that Adam is also a Hound. He has a fight with Adam and eventually Adam succumbs, he tells him who controls the Hounds to ride, the lady of the Cauldron of Lucifer (the most powerful coven in England), Morgwyn of Ravenscar, the Abbess. Adam a broken man kills himself, so he doesn't have to live with the guilt and shame. 

On returning to the village Robin is waylaid by the Earls soldiers. They arrest him and Verdelet sees Robinís sword, the seventh sword of Wayland. Much watches, and reports back to the Merries. Verdelet reports back to Morgwyn about the sword and that the Earl now has the sword. Morgwyn goes to see the Earl and recovers the sword. Marion knows the Earl and goes to help Robin escape from the castle. The Merries chase after Morgwyn to get the sword back, but when they confront her she puts a spell on them. When night falls Marion rescues Robin from the cells of the castle. The Earl watches as she escapes from the castle with Robin and smiles to himself contentedly. Robin and Marion meet the Merries in the forest and realise that they are bewitched, they are eventually captured and are taken to the Abbess. A Mad Man meets them on the cliff at Ravenscar and cuts Robins bindings and Robin jumps off the cliff into the sea. Robin is seen floating face down and the Merries report to Morgwyn that Robin is dead. She then releases them from the spell and puts them in a cage. Robin reaches the foot of the cliff and begins to climb; he reaches the top and meets the Mad Man, who gives him a bow and some arrows. Robin leaves him and the Mad Man turns to face a figure, far off on the shoreline, what a shock, its Herne. 

Morgwyn summons the coven of the Cauldron to bring Lucifer from his bonding in hell. Robin enters the gates of the Abbey as the ceremony begins, and Lucifer begins to form within the cauldron. Meanwhile the Merries are in a cage, which is been lowered into a fire pit beneath them. Robin fights Verdelet and kills him. Robin rushes to the cauldron and takes up Albion, Lucifer screams and is sent back to hell. Morgwyn and the rest of the Cauldron are mortified and there is panic and mayhem. The Merries take up the other swords and fight the Hounds and the Cauldron members. All dead, Robin commands all the swords to be put down in the centre of the cauldron, except Albion, of course. Morgwyn is seen running from the Abbey and is trampled down by the Hounds, but I thought they were all killed. The Merries leave the village of Ufcombe and return to Sherwood.



The Greatest Enemy                       

Tx Date: 13th April 1985

52 Mins

Written by Richard Carpenter


Nasir is seen talking to some Arabs by Will Scarlet, who breaks a branch and disturbs them and so they ride off into the forest. The Sheriff is having his beard shaved off. When a messenger from the king arrives. Hubert de Gisguard, Herald to the king, he says that the king wants an end to the Wolfshead, Robin Hood. The Sheriff has been given a month to bring the outlaw to justice or he will be stripped of his office and sent to Normandy to fight for the King. On parting de Gisguard says "Good hunting". 

Robin is summoned by Herne and asks him "Who is the greatest enemyĒ? Robin thinks of De Belleme and asks Herne if he will be there. Herne says no you must face him alone, but iterates that we cannot be parted. Meanwhile the Sheriff organises a hunt to catch the Outlaws. Edward and his son Geoffery are brought to the sheriff and remind him of Loxley. The Sheriff gives Edward an ultimatum, to capture the Outlaws in Wickham. Geoffery takes a message to Robin Hood. The Merries enter the village cautiously. Will is sent in a few yards ahead and sees the Sheriffs mens in the huts and shouts Ambush. The Sheriffs men who are hiding in the village huts open fire on the Merries as they duck and dive. Robin, Marion, Tuck and Much escape into the forest and John and Will are captured and tied up in a hut with Edward. The Sheriff is displeased with Gisburne, and takes the Hounds to hunt down Robin and the others. Nasir is talking to a couple of Arabs in the forest and they try to kill him but Nasir fights back and kills them. Robin hears the barking of hunting Hounds and then recounts Hernes telling of who is the Greatest Enemy and realises that it was the Sheriff. Tuck can't run any further so they put him up a tree to hide. As the Sheriff's men pass, Tuck drops one of his shoes and is seen, Tuck is captured and sent back to the village. Nasir is stopped by two of the villagers who tell them of Robin and the fight. Nasir enters the village, stealthily killing soldiers on his way through, but eventually he is seen and after another fight he is also taken prisoner. Much asks Nasir who those men were, Nasir tells them that they were Assassins and that he was one of them. 

Meanwhile Robin, Marion and Much head out of Sherwood to a rocky outcrop. The Sheriff attempts to charge them but to no avail and then try to outflank them. Marion asks Robin are they are going to die, to which Robin replies, everyone dies. The Sheriff sends his men down the valley to approach from the opposite side. Robin tells Much to go with Marion and to lie low till it's dark. Much asks Robin about his escape; Robin says he will see them later, much later. Much is left to watch the Sheriff's men while Robin talks to Marion. Marion doesn't want to leave, Robin says he thought that she had more courage and that dieing was easy. Marion breaks down and cries, Robin comforts her and tells her that she must live to keep alive all that they have believed in, Marion agrees. Robin tells Marion to leave now because the Sheriff's men will cut off their escape. Robin gives Marion, Albion and with Much make their escape. The Sheriff marches forward and Robin deals with them. The Sheriff asks how many arrows does the man have, to which Robin pulls out his last arrow and knocks it on to the bowstring. Robin draws his bow for the last time and sets it in flight over the head of the Sheriff. Robin turns around to be faced by crossbow men. Robin breaks his bow and the order to shoot is given. The Sheriff's men rush forward.

Marion and Much are in the forest. Much talks about Robinís previous rescues of the Merries, and that he will come back and rescue John, Will and Tuck. Marion tells him that he is dead, Much mutters ' he promised'. Back at the village Gisburne asks the Sheriff where the body is. He says it was unrecognisable and the people wouldn't believe that the body was Robin and that he buried it in Sherwood.

A man enters, the forest and meets with Herne. Herne asks  what brought you here....."A voice" was the reply. Herne asks what the voice said, to which the stranger replies "Nothing is forgotten.......". The stranger is given a bow and is asked to string it.

Back in the village Gisburne is concerned and wants to return to the castle. In the hut where the outlaws are, a hole int the wattle appears and the guard is killed by an arrow, they think it is Robin, the Outlaws are released. Gisburne tells some men to go and get the prisoners only to find that the Outlaws have escaped. A Hooded Man faces them at the door and the Sheriff's men are ordered to kill him. The Sheriff's men think they are seeing a ghost and don't retaliate. The Sheriff is not a happy man. The Merries meet up with Marion and Much, who tells them that Robin is dead.

The Merries are seen at Darkmere with the almost traditional send off, burning arrows sent into the lake, one by one, each remembering memorable times with Robin. One extra arrow is seen flying over their heads and when they turn they see a Hooded Man.


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