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History of Taylor

This page is dedicated to Taylor, a truly remarkable and lovely horse with a lovely temperament and will be happy as long as he is eating, but is willing to do anything you ask.

Taylor was Born in March 2002 and was originally purchased from the sales at Holmfirth in the Yorkshire Dales, his owner broke him when he was relatively young.

Taylor, a Gelding, he came with no history of Dam or Sire, but is typically of cob / dales origin and looks remarkably like a Friesian.

I purchased Taylor from a farm at Sheraton on 14th October 2005, and I brought him to Thrushwood farm at Yearby, nr Redcar. Taylor was stabled in a new stable block and there he stayed until I sold him a year later, 9th November 2006, (as a rising 5 year old).

During the time I had Taylor he was schooled, however both Taylor and I loved hacking out, on our own or with others. Taylor has the potential to do dressage, his confirmation and paces are excellent.

He is a sensible horse in the paddock and suffered no illnesses or injuries during my time with him.

During the summer 2006 I entered him for an 'In Hand showing' class at the Yarm and District Saddle Club show 30th July 2006, I entered into two classes, Mountain & Moorland, which he came 3rd and Over 14.2 hands, which he came 4th, I was really proud and pleased as it was his first time in a show ground or ring. I was impressed with his general attitude.

Taylor now lives in Chesterfield on 13 acres of pasture with a young mare and cared for by a lovely family.

I am so proud to have owned. I have a lot of happy memories of Taylor and relish my time with him, I was lucky to have crossed paths with him.

I cannot imagine buying another horse that would surpass him.

Photo's (Jpeg's) of Taylor

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Taylor arriving at farm (Oct 2005) Taylor arriving at farm (Oct 2005)

Taylor before wash and scrub up (April 2006) Taylor after wash and scrub up (April 2006)

Taylor wins 3rd at show (July 2006) Taylor and Phil at show (July 2006)

Taylor last days at the Farm (Nov 2006) Taylor last days at the Farm (Nov 2006)

Caricaturer's (Jpeg's) of Taylor

Taylor Xmas Card 2005 Taylor Xmas Card 2006 P>

Line Art Drawing (Jpeg's) of Taylor

Taylor Line Art Drawing with Rosette's 2006

Other Pictures (Jpeg's) of Taylor

Taylor & Monty 2006

Video's (Mpg's) of Taylor

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I would like to thank Mark Hadlett of The-Artworks for contributing some photo's and all the artwork to this page.
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This webpage was created 1st May 2006 and update 10th August 2007