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The Swashbucklers Webring Homepage

dedicated to all those budding Hero's of Fantasy Fiction Sword Fighters

The sword I'm holding is Albion from ROS,
a replica which I made.

EN42 Spring Steel, brass pommel & quillon
with the actual ROS runes etched on the blade.

I have decided to put my foot in both webring camps and decide myself which of the two is easiest to manage, please feel free to join both.

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This Webring has been set up for those people interested in the old 'Swashbuckling' TV programs which have inspired and captured your hopes, fears and imagination.

I would certainly like to see some of these come back to TV, video or even DVD, I always seem to like the programs which are either hard to get hold of or are not available in any format.

Those which have made it on my favs list.........

Robin Of Sherwood - currently on video and DVD by Network Videos.

The Flashing Blade - currently on Video and DVD by Network Videos.

Arthur of the Britons - only available from USA and in NTSC video format, unfortunately this has gad some episodes edited together to make it into a feature length 'film' ! - it was a damn good series.
I know this is starting to get a bit monotonous, but again Network Videos have been in discussions with HTV.

NEWS FLASH - Imminent release for Arthur of the Britons TV Series.......NETWORK Video release

William Tell (Will Lyman) - with the 1994 release by Video Gems The Legend of William Tell has been re-title and seemly left un-cut, however only two videos were released, thats four episodes out of about 72.

Find below some pictures which can be used for the Ringsurf Swashbuckler Webring - if you require help contact me below.

Phil Robin The Flashing Blade Arthur

Swashbucklers Webpage


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